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Mini-Lipo (Liposuction)

Mini-Lipo (Liposucción) Miami

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Mini-Lipo For Life’s Small Annoyances

It’s the small issues in life that cause great disturbances— or great pleasure. Once you are satisfied with your overall appearance, it’s time to tackle the small problems.

Now, instead of struggling with a medley of methods to fine-tune your appearance, there’s a new option.

It’s called mini-lipo, as in mini-liposuction.

Unlike full-bore liposuction, this technique is crafted for the delicate job of tightening:

  • the back of your hands or under the chin.
  • It’s also effective for love handles,
  • and the inner and outer thigh area.

You could invest time and effort in exercise and weight-loss efforts that never seem to affect these minor flaws, or devote an hour of time and walk away feeling confident and polished again.

Even people of normal and below-normal weight have some areas where fat accumulates. And they tend to be visible. Who said you can tell a woman by her neck and her hands? That cliché is what mini-lipo is meant to challenge.

Mini-Lipo for Mini-flaws

58Using the same technology applied with laser liposuction, we can now zero in on minor fat deposits. The tool that has been refined continuously since its introduction, using radio-frequency waves and liposuction, removes fat safely and efficiently.


We recommend it for men and women who are satisfied with their weight and health but are bothered by ‘overlooked’ areas that seem resistant.

Backs of hands, for instance, may be plump or flabby, adding years to our looks.

Or the chin may carry an unsightly little pouch. Now— before the holiday season— you can tighten the thigh areas so that your upper legs look as streamlined as your calves.

Other areas that can be problematic include the knee area, which develops fleshy deposits. Or the upper chest, where unsightly bulges can spoil the prettiest sleeveless outfit. The upper arms, behind the elbows— another trouble spot!

Same doctor, different topic

59If you are already a patient, you know how to start: Make an appointment to discuss your feelings, concerns and expectations. We’ll go over your medical history, current health status and any previous treatments you’ve had done.


If you are a new patient, let’s get acquainted. You might be pleasantly surprised at the care we take with each case. We don’t do ‘cookie-cutter’ treatment at MD Ageless Solutions. Our doctor and staff are familiar with each patient and well-trained in our discipline. We recommend treatments that fit the patient’s lifestyle, physiology, psychology and needs.

The Beauty of Mini-Lipo

The beauty of mini-lipo is that it’s a mini-procedure. You can be in and out in just one hour. Local anesthesia and light oral sedation help you relax. You will be awake throughout the procedure. There is minimal recovery time. You can return to your daily routine as soon as procedure is over.

At the first session, we’ll explain all about mini-lipo and answer any questions you may have.

Custom results for unique individuals

No body is identical, so your situation is unique. While we have the most sophisticated tools and techniques, the procedure is customized to fit your physiology and your desires.

That’s why we prefer to meet with you beforehand, to acquaint ourselves with your lifestyle, your history, habits and health. We’ve found that the time and care invested in our patients pays off in terms of results and their satisfaction.

In the meantime, ask yourself this question:

What is the minor flaw that is most annoying? Does it interfere with your appearance and self-perception? Would a bit of tightening help?

If you can envision a bit of improvement, we can explain how to achieve the results you want.

In the meantime, we await your call.

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